Our students are mostly important and aim to integrate into a professional fabric. We do not offer classroom training for young teenagers. Now, if an applicant wants to try one of our video courses, it is perfectly possible. This is even more advisable since a simple session can already validate a future professional project.

The only limit is you 😉

Specialized group workshops are offered in France in Paris for Francophone students. If you speak English or speak Spanish, we can integrate it into our groups. Our team can also travel in France and abroad through workshops in collaboration with schools or other training organizations.


For example, other courses take place in Spain, in the city of Barcelona under the name of BeCreative BCN. We are perfectly flexible in terms of travel to guarantee courses within specific events. If you are outside these two cities and want to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our travel arrangements.

Most of our courses are available online in the form of videos. Then, naturally, you can follow our sessions from anywhere in the world. If you want to be accompanied by a teacher, it is possible to make corrections by email or video conference. For this, do not hesitate to contact us to tell us the nature of your training project.

Our training modules are simple, accessible and allow you to quickly confront the realities of the Designer's work. You can perfectly test some courses to understand the specificities of drawing in the context of industrial design. Therefore, it will be easier for you later to know if these work methodologies can fit your professional ambitions.

Some institutions do not have online monitoring of student progress. If you want to develop some of your skills, we can offer private courses "a la carte and coaching" to help you progress in the best case.

We use a secure payment system. During your transaction, you can select from the different payment methods that will be offered.


  • A la carte coaching (projects followed)
  • Exercise training and special lesson individual learning with the personal teacher
  • How to improve my portfolio
  • Intensive summer course 1 week
  • Classical class
  • Individual registration
  • Online course

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