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Learn to draw objects by hand and create your own projects with quality

David Chevalier

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The objective of the product sketching course is to publicize and / or reinforce the communication tools of a design project. Through a course based on the practice of drawing with simple theoretical bases, we offer concrete and efficient rapid learning. These stages include the freehand sketch, the stroke capacity and its speed, the types of perspectives with views, line tension, gradient and shading will be worked on. Second It will be an apprenticeship of the techniques of representation with markers with step by step tutorials easy to perform. We finalize the design of our product with photoshop.

What you Will learn

  • Unique sketching methodology
  • Freehand drawing, exercises
  • Object ratios
  • Cube / perspectives 2pt / ellipses
  • Views points
  • Theory of light and shadow
  • Marker techniques and layer order
  • Photoshop for designers
  • Composition and presentation

Product Sketching

We will do drawing exercises of the product scope to learn to draw different perspectives and volumes in a clean and fast way: We will work on the composition and creation of an object in different perspectives freehand to lose the fear of drawing and be agile in drawing basic volumes in the space. In addition to integrating the definition of complex forms, the theory of light and shadow both freehand and digitally, with our step-by-step tutorials.

Examples Points of view and marker rendering: We will observe which points of view are more favorable for the vision of an object, what are the typical perspectives of objects, to create perspectives of visual impact. We will see how to apply color and textures with markers to the object and express as much realism as possible with stroke quality.

To finish, we will make the final realization of the chosen design with the best view to present our design and apply the digital tools for rendering with photoshop, we will practice the process of gradient shadows, line styles, as well

From the exercises that we propose, you will elaborate several designs that will help you not only to improve your skills, but also to be able to show the world your progress as a cartoonist. In addition, you can create your own design within the projects to make your own creations yourself as well as improve your level.

Designer designers who want to learn new, creative techniques in search of new dynamics and anyone, regardless of their level as a cartoonist, who is willing to lose their fear of blank paper and unlock their creativity by becoming a super drawer.

No previous knowledge of drawing is necessary. As for material is needed: a notebook, paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, markers if you have, if you don’t have it, don’t worry we have all the material for you to draw.

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Course details

Face-to-face course in Barcelona

12 Course hours

Castellano o Inglés o Francés


For the 3D or computer courses, the student must bring his laptop with the following installed programs according to the course: photoshop / illustrator / rhino / sketchup.

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