Product sketching tools

Product design course

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  • May 04/11/18/25

  • 10h – 15h

Ideal to deepen the techniques of representation design

David Chevalier

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Product sketching tools

The aim is to teach several design tools in a transversal manner to create, develop and submit any kind of design project. By sketching, and digital techniques such as Photoshop and Rhino3D, we can make a fast, efficient and knowledgeable, impact presentations. We will study both simple shapes to complex design objects such as vehicles. Through 5 modules we will see different phases of the design process with emphasis on sketch through various techniques of representation until a final presentation.

  • Learning design process: :
  • Formal / analysis tools creation / Communication Project

Learn :  Sketch /  Marker rendering /  3D  / Photoshop / Análisis formal  /  herramientas de creación /  Comunicación de proyecto

Module 1 Sketching

  • Methodology sketch, inspiration and source images
  • Stroke, speed and quality of the lines
  • Proportion of objects
  • Types of Perspectives
  • Viewpoints
  • Package and plans
  • Definition of complex volume

Module 2 hand sketching rendering

  • Perspectives
  • Techniques markers
  • Theory of light and shadows
  • Definition of volumes in gray
  • Definition of the color of an object
  • Materials (plastics, metals, chrome, wood)
  • Compositions and views
  • Background ratio figure
  • Impact Presentation

Module 3  Sketching + 3d Rhino

  • Hand Sketching
  • Creating generic and basic modeled in rhino
  • Visualization tools (camera, display)
  • sketching on the basis of the 3D model
  • Study of the views and design creation

Module 4 sketching + photoshop

  • Tinkering practice techniques from a scanned drawing
  • Creating rendering of objects in Photoshop
  • Using paths and vector shapes
  • Focus filters, blur, processing and retouching
  • know the layer blending modes and layer styles
  • Create complex selections and masks

Module 5 photoshop post-production

  • Creating rendering of objects in Photoshop
  • Tutorials and exercises post-production

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Detalles del Curso

Curso presencial en Barcelona

16 horas de curso

Castellano o Inglés


El alumno tiene que traer para los cursos de 3D o de ordenador su portátil con los programas instalados siguientes según el curso : photoshop / ilustrator / rhino / sketchup.

Proximos cursos

May 04/11/18/25


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