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  • Marzo 12, 14, 19, 21

  • 18h -21h

You will learn how to make quality digital renders to design any object

David Chevalier

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Photoshop Online

This photoshop course is for designers who want to deepen and learn how to make photoshop renders of design objects from both the product scope and the transport design. The methodology of the course is based on progressively learning a step-by-step tutorial so you can perform any objects and create scenes or impact renderings for your presentations.

This photoshop course is online and in real time with the teacher through video conference. Prior to the beginning of the course, the student is invited by email to connect to the program and the class begins with full visual and verbal interaction. Without difficulty you can ask and clarify your doubts during the course.

What are we gonna see?

  • Types of selections, masks
  • Use paths and vector shapes
  • Gradients applied to the design
  • Methodology and order of layers applied to design
  • Styles and brush palette
  • Special filter layers
  • Filters of focus, defocus, transformation and deformation
  • Application of shadow and light levels to represent an object
  • Application of textures and details Post-production channels curves levels

To take any course, sign up by filling out the booking form and you will receive a confirmation email of your reservation and all the details of the course. The dates are subject to changes depending on the capacity.

What are we going to do?

Based on a step-by-step tutorial on product design and transport design, we will see how to use photoshop tools focused on the representation of a realistic design that allows creating a visual presentation of our product. How to completely draw a design in photoshop as well as its final phase of post-production focused on design. The learning contemplates all the levels of the users through the tutorial, the presence and the advice of the professor to be able to realize the course.

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Detalles del Curso

Curso presencial en Barcelona

12 horas de curso

Castellano o Inglés o Francés


El alumno tiene que traer para los cursos de 3D o de ordenador su portátil con los programas instalados siguientes según el curso : photoshop / ilustrator / rhino / sketchup.

Proximos cursos

Marzo 12, 14, 19, 21
June 07, 09, 14 ,16


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