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You will learn how to make quality digital renders to design any object

David Chevalier

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This photoshop course is for designers who want to deepen and learn how to make photoshop renders of design objects from both the product scope and transport design. The methodology of the course is based on progressively learning a step-by-step tutorial so you can make any object and create scenes or render impact for your presentations.

What you Will learn

  • Types of selections, masks
  • Use the paths and vector shapes
  • Gradients applied to the design
  • Methodology and order of layers applied to design
  • Brushes brush styles and palette
  • Special filters
  • Theory of light and shadow
  • Textures application
  • Details for skimmers
  • Post-Production Management
  • Representation styles

Photoshop Online

Based on a step-by-step tutorial on product design or transport design, we will see how to use photoshop tools focused on the representation of a realistic design that allows us to create a presentation of greater visual impact of our products. How to draw completely or start from a sketch and move on to a design in photoshop as well as its final post-production phase focused on designer. The learning includes all the levels of the users through the tutorial, the presence and the advice of the teacher helps you to take the course live

For designers who want to learn new, creative techniques in search of new dynamics and anyone, regardless of their level, who is willing to lose their fear of Photoshop and unlock their creativity by becoming a super illustrator. Prior to the beginning of the course the student is invited by email to connect to the program and the class begins with total visual and verbal interaction. Without difficulty you can ask and clarify your doubts during the course.

No previous knowledge is necessary. As for material is needed: a Tablet or else the mouse will be possible too. In addition to having a recent version of photoshop installed.

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Course details

Face-to-face course in Barcelona

12 Course hours

Castellano o Inglés o Francés


For the 3D or computer courses, the student must bring his laptop with the following installed programs according to the course: photoshop / illustrator / rhino / sketchup.

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Marzo 12, 14, 19, 21

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