Car design sketching

Curso de diseño de coches

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  • March 12/14/19/21

  • 18h a 21h

Discover how to design vehicles and perform restyling step by step

Sergio de la Parra
de la Parra

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Car design sketching

CAR DESIGN SKETCHING is a transport design course that is based on communicating a design with different tools, freehand sketch, hand-drawing techniques with markers, and its own re-design during the course with the digital photoshop tool . It will show how to move from one tool to another to help in the design process as well as its communication through tutorials adapted to all levels.

Car design sketching | Becreative - Cursos Diseño Industrial

What are we gonna see?

  • Methodology of sketch, inspiration and source of images
  • Proportions sketches perspectives + side view + marker
  • Package, Volume definition Rendering of Photoshop, skechbook pro
  • Details and application of photoshop textures

What are we going to do?

Based on the design of a model, we will see how to draw freehand the typical automotive design drawings with their styles of perspective, lace, and basic volume definition.

Thanks to tutorials specially designed for the course and for any level of drawing.

Marker and hand rendering techniques: From there we will see how to apply the techniques of markers to enter the shading and color.

We will create a sketch in color with all the important tricks to perform a good rendering.

Car design sketching | Becreative - Cursos Diseño Industrial

Design of cars in Photoshop

Once we have finished our drawings we will go to photoshop to do a previous work that we call quick photoshop to make the quick digital sketch. Then at the end we will choose a view to make all the details and textures, creating an impact composition with photoshop

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Detalles del Curso

Curso presencial en Barcelona

12 horas de curso

Castellano o Inglés


El alumno tiene que traer para los cursos de 3D o de ordenador su portátil con los programas instalados siguientes según el curso : photoshop / ilustrator / rhino / sketchup.

Proximos cursos

March 12/14/19/21
March 12/14/19/21


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