3D modeling (ONLINE COURSE)

Rhino Course 3D

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You will see a method designed to represent objects and vehicles with rhino

Sergio de la Parra
de la Parra

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Objective: Learn a methodology for surface modeling of objects / vehicles. This methodology is accompanied by learning to observe and analyze objects to identify the main surfaces, radios of style, in short, the surfaces called “class A”. The goal will be to be able to propose a 2D design and pass it to 3D without losing the essence of the design.

What you Will learn

  • Tracing of main curves
  • Master surface approach
  • Basic volume settings
  • Variable or style radios
  • Construction of the second order of details.
  • Creation of franchises
  • Materials display
  • Insertion of external elements
  • Export to CAD and Rendering programs.
  • Hierarchy of secondary volumes
  • First order construction of details
  • Continuity control. Complex transitions.
  • Bezier curves and surfaces theory, types of continuity and tools to generate surfaces.

3D modeling (ONLINE COURSE)

Based on a step-by-step tutorial on product design or transportation we will see how to use rhino tools. How to draw completely or start from a sketch, a plan and move to a closed design in rhino ready to print in 3D. Ready to export or create a render.
Acquire and exercise all the knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop projects in the field of advanced digital representation, in particular for the transport and product systems sector. The student will achieve specific theoretical and practical knowledge for each phase, as well as a transversal vision and experience of the global process.

To designers who want to complement their 3D resources with new new techniques,

No previous knowledge is necessary. As for material, it is necessary to have a recent version of rhino installed

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Course details

Face-to-face course in Barcelona

12 Course hours

Castellano o Inglés


For the 3D or computer courses, the student must bring his laptop with the following installed programs according to the course: photoshop / illustrator / rhino / sketchup.

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October 07, 09, 14, 16

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