3D modeling (ONLINE COURSE)

Rhino Course 3D

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You will see a method designed to represent objects and vehicles with rhino

Sergio de la Parra
de la Parra

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3D modeling (ONLINE COURSE)

  • Learning tools: Modeling in 3d

Objective: To learn a methodology for modeling surfaces of objects / vehicles. This methodology is accompanied by learning to observe and analyze objects to identify the main surfaces, radios of style, in summary the surfaces called “class A”. The final goal will be to be able to propose a 2D design and transfer it to 3D without losing the essence of the design.

What are we gonna see?

Step 1.

  • Theory about bezier curves and surfaces, types of continuity and tools to generate surfaces.
  • Initial approach of file.
  • Organization of layers, location of reference views (plant, elevation, profile).
  • Main tools and their grouping.
  • Drawings and reference images before starting to model.

Step 2

  • Drawing of main curves.
  • Approach of master surfaces.
  • Basic volume settings.
  • Variable or style radios.

Step 3

  • Hierarchy of Secondary Volumes.
  • First order construction of details.
  • Control of continuity.
  • Complex transitions

Step 4

  • Construction of the second order of details.
  • Creation of franchises.
  • Display of materials.
  • Insertion of external elements.
  • Export to CAD and Render programs.

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Detalles del Curso

Curso presencial en Barcelona

12 horas de curso

Castellano o Inglés


El alumno tiene que traer para los cursos de 3D o de ordenador su portátil con los programas instalados siguientes según el curso : photoshop / ilustrator / rhino / sketchup.

Proximos cursos

June 07, 09, 14, 16


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